bee.gif (103538 bytes)Bryant Ross is a Canadian Non-native artist born in Winnipeg, Manitoba on Nov 24, 1951. Early in his childhood his family moved to Vancouver, British Columbia. He has an extensive background in graphic art and screen printing.

In 1988 with the help of the great Canadian artist, Norval Morrisseau, Bryant opened Coghlan Art Studio in Aldergrove, British Columbia. This studio provides resources for many established artists as well as young up and comers. the work produced in the studio is exhibited in commercial galleries and museums across Canada and the United States as well as many private collections in Europe and Japan. Bryant has combined a casual atmosphere with the dependability of an established gallery,

"I have always been interested in native art forms. The graphic nature of northwest coast design is intriguing, the way that the forms fit together so naturally seems to speak of a universality that transcends ethnic barriers. The style of my own work reflects my esteem and respect for all aboriginal cultures. By combing materials and techniques, old and new, I wish to help integrate a traditional past with a contemporary future."

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Moon of the Four Directions
Bryant Ross


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