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Bryant Ross
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Some of this work is available

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   Chilcoot Moon

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Dancing On The Moon

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Chilcoot Moon #2

brmoon4.jpg (81860 bytes)
Eagle and Frog Moon

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Bats and Owls Moon

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Model Pole

brsun2.jpg (83448 bytes)
Hawk Sun

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Hawk Sun

brbearmotherpole-comp.jpg (87577 bytes)
Bear Mother Pole

brmortuarypole-comp.jpg (97017 bytes)
Moturary Pole

brportrait2.jpg (73960 bytes)
Portrait Mask

brmoon7.jpg (121966 bytes)
Ghost Moon

breaglepanel.jpg (91568 bytes)
Eagle Panel

brceramic7.jpg (67222 bytes)
Northwest Coast Portrait
Bryant Ross
Raku Ceramic
$200 cdn - $170 usd

brmoon8-a.jpg (471714 bytes)
Ancestor Moon
yellow cedar - 22" dia.
$1800 cdn - $1500 usd


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