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Norval and his Wife in Beardmore, Ontario in 1962


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Norval and family - 2005


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Norval at his show in Toronto in 1989

PARIS 1989

Norval was invited to participate in an exhibition   at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, France to mark the French bi-centennial in 1989. This group exhibition, called "Magicians of the Earth", featured artists from around the world. All these artists, over 50 of them, were spiritual artists. They was Tibetan monks, Australian aboriginal shaman, Navajo sand painters and African witch doctors. Norval was the only painter from Canada that was invited.

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Norval explains his work to the Canadian Consulate delegation.

left: Relaxing during the setting up of his work

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Riding the Paris Subway

Right: Even Norval is in awe of his paintings

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Norval surveys Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower

Left:  Montmartre, The Church of the Sacred Heart


Norval lived and worked at Coghlan Studio, in Aldergrove, British Columbia from 1987 until 1990

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Working at Coghlan Studios

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The Color Doctor

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Bryant Ross and Norval

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A proud artist

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Signing the print, "First Meeting"

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Norval helps to paint a totem pole

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Norval and Vern

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Norval, Stan Hunt, Vern Etzerza and Bryant Ross

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