Trevor Cole Hunt

trevor.gif (47149 bytes)Trevor Hunt was born March 9, 1975. He is part of the great Hunt Family of Fort Rupert on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. He comes from a long line of hereditary carvers and artists that have been instrumental in the survival of the Kwaguilth art form on the northwest coast. His father is Stan Hunt, his Grandfather was Henry Hunt and his great-grandfather was Mungo Martin.

He has been painting original graphic interpretations of Kwaguilth myths and stories since he was 10 years old and in 1997 began carving in wood under the tutelage of his father, Stan Hunt and his brother Jason Hunt. His teachers include Tim Alfred and David Knox.

He has recently completed a 38 foot painting of a Killerwhale on the roof of a resort in Telegraph, B.C. and designed the logo for the Thunderbird Shopping Plaza in Port Hardy, B.C.

In 1994 he was chosen to be published after a nation wide search for young artists.

In 1995 he designed the logo for the Kwaguilth District Counsel.

In 196 he published 4 limited edition prints.

Trevor currently lives in Fort Rupert, the traditional home of the Kwaguilth people, with his wife and 2 children. He continues to study the Kwaguilth art form.

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Crooked Beak Dancer


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