Tim Alfred

Tim Alfred was born in Alert Bay, British Columbia in 1967 and moved to the village of Fort Rupert in 1985. His family tree includes the bands of Kwaguilth (Fort Rupert), Namgis (Alert Bay), Mumtagila (Etsekin), Mamalelegala (Village Island) and Tlowitsis (Turnor Island).

In 1989, at a memorial potlatch for his brother, his mothers family placed him in the family's chief position at the bighouse in Alert Bay where he received the name "Mus-cum-tsi", which symbolizes the four clans of the Kwakwaka'wakw nation.

Tim first started carving in the world renowned Kwakiutl style at the age of 20 and was highly inspired and influenced by the work of well known artists such as Stan Hunt, Wayne Alfred, Beau Dick and Calvin Hunt. As a young artists he was able to learn techniques for making bentwood boxes, planks from cedar logs, mask carving, paddles, model canoes and the making of dance regalia for traditional use in the bighouse.

Some of his other projects include two drums and twenty paddles he made for the Fort Rupert elementary school in 1998. He as also done charity work for memorial trophies and made donations to various fund raising events in his community, including the auction to benefit the reconstruction of the Alert Bay Bighouse. His work sells in many galleries including sales to museums in Alert Bay and Victoria.

Recently he has had the opportunity to work on totem poles with Calvin Hunt, Mervin Child and David Knox for the Kwakiutl Band daycare project in Fort Rupert.

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