Stan Wamiss

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Born in 1947 on Gilford Island and raised at Kingcome Inlet Stan learned to carve from his father Tom Patch Wamiss who was not only a master carver himself but was also the highest ranking chief in Kingcome Inlet. Tom Patch Wamiss was the first chief in the Kwaguilth nation to hold a Potlatch after the ban was lifted in 1952. Stan credits the book Smokey Top with inspiring him to begin carving 1975 at the suggestion of his sister, Dorothy Speck. Stan prefers to work in the soft red cedar local to British Columbia and carves superb masks, totems, sculptures, plaques and talking sticks.. He currently lives on Vancouver Island and along with his commission work, carves pieces for many galleries both in Canada and abroad. Some of Stan’s work was featured in the 1988 Vancouver Art Gallery exhibition "Down from the Shimmering Sky" exhibit that has been displayed at a number of selected museums across North America.

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Half Moon

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Stan Wamis