Sean Hinton
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Sean Hinton was born in Saskatoon, Saskachewan on the 13th of April 1969. His family is of Cherokee decent from Oklahoma. He lives in Chilliwack, British Columbia. In 1966 he began carving with Salish artist Rocky LaRock. In 1998 he met Nuchanuith carver Tom Patterson and began working with him. They did a carving demonstration together for the "Down From The Shimmering Skies" exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Sean then began working at the Coghlan Art Studio where he met Gene and Jay Brabant and Stan Hunt. He has worked with Jay ever since. He completed two 15 foot Haida totem poles with Jay during the summer of 2003.

Sean says that carving isn't a job for him, but has become a way of life. He loves to carve and learn about the traditions behind the masks. "Looking at a human face or an animal gives me ideas and inspiration for new pieces." He has become involved with the traditional life of the Salish people that live in his area, volunteering at the local bighouse that his wife is a member of.

Sean's work has developed quickly under the eye of his teachers. His work has been recognized in many galleries in the United States and Canada. He looks forward to doing more work on pole carving and learning more about this Northwest Coast art form.

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