Klatle-bhi, pronouned "cloth-bay", was born March 21, 1966 to the people of the Squamish Nation.It is his ancestoral name which means "head Killerwhale of a pod of Killerwhales". The name was given to him by his Grandmother, Emily Baker, and comes from Gwayi Village of the Kwakwaka'wakw people from Kingcome Inlet.

Klatle-bhi has been an artist since the early eighties and has been seriously involved since 1990. He has carried on his own research and has had the privilage of having teachers such as Simon Dick (Kwakiutl), Richard Baker (Haida), Rick Harry (Coast Salish) and Wade Baker (Kwaquitl).

Through his work he has accompished such things as; Totem poles, masks, talking sticks, carved pendents, canoes, prints, paintings and clothing. He is a talented artist and puts a lot of heart and dedication into his work. You can find his pieces in various galleries and private collections in Vancouver, B.C., Washington state, New York, Toronto, Spain and California. Each piece tells a story and even history from the different nations they come from.

Klatle-bhi is a spiritual man that is drug and alcohol free. He practices sweatlodge ceremonies, cold water baths, mountain vision quests and his own art work as a source of purification and learning. He grew up exposed to the Kwaliutl culture of masks, dancing, singing and potlatching. He has been president of the Squamish Nation Sea-Going Society and paddles a 45' ocean canoe.

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