Debbie Hunt
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  Debbie Hunt was born and raised in Victoria, B.C. Debbie comes from a proud and artistic family. Debbie's grandfather was the late henry Hunt and her father is hereditary Chief and master carver Tony Hunt. Her older brother, Tony Hunt Jr., is a very talented artist in his own right, as well as her uncles Richard and Stanley. Debbie is very proud of her Kwaguilth History and she regards the songs and dances as the strength that maintains and preserves her culture.
  Debbie has traveled both nationally and internationally representing the Kwaguilth and Canadian people. In 1983 she danced with the Hunt Family Dancers when they preformed for Her Majesty the Queen and His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinbrough at the university of British Columbia. In 1995 she traveled to Morioka, Japan to dance for her father during the erection of a totem pole which he had carved for the Japanese people.
  In 1999 she decided to become a part of the artistic side of the family. She had always been attracted to engraved jewelry and by the year 2000 she had started her journey to become a native jeweler.
  In 2001 Debbie worked with Maxine Matilpi On a Double Wolf design Button Blanket and a Raven apron that was presented to her daughter,  Jennifer Johnson during her "coming of age" feast. Towards the end of 2001 Debbie also released her first limited edition print "Kwaguilth Sun".
  Debbie would like to thank her fiancée, Rodney Loonskin, daughter, Jennifer Johnson and friends Bernice Alfred and Arlene Jones for all their encouragement. also acknowledgments to artists Tony Hunt, Francis Dick, Rick Johnson, Kodi Nelson, John Livingston, Maxine Matilpi, Nancy Dawson, Richard Hunt, Harold Alfred, Frank Nelson, Paddy Seaweed, Norm Seaweed and Herb Lancaster for their continued encouragement, support and advice. Thank you.

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