Charles Joseph

Being a native carver, I, Charles Joseph better known as Boone, would like to enlighten you with a small portion of my life.I was born in Alert Bay, British Columbia but I was raised by my great-grandparents, Charles and Minnie Dick in the village of Turnour Island. Along with these two people my father was also a big part of my childhood. This is where the knowledge of native art, speaking the native language and performing the dances originated from.

Then I moved back to Alert Bay for school reasons. At this point I won't talk about my life in St. Michael's Residential School.

I then started carving with my grandfather, Harry Joseph, my cousin Roy Speck and my cousin Joe Peters. I also carved with my stepfather Gordon Twance Sr., my friends Terry Isaac and Simon Dick as well as many others. Until this time carving was only a hobby.

Special thanks to the Musgamagw Tsawataineuk Council for the course for native carvers that allowed me to learn from and be inspired by master carvers Wayne Alfred and Beau Dick. A very special thanks to Beau Dick. To this day Beau greatly inspires me with his carving.

The potlatches that I have witnessed and partaken in have helped me carry on with carving. My fellow carvers, Tim Alfred and Dallas Hunt deserve thanks for their encouragement. And I would like to thank the Cedar Trees for the wood and bark that they provide me to fulfill my ambition.


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