Side By Side Comparison Of Forged Norval Morrisseau Paintings

Many of the questionable paintings have been copied from publications that feature authentic
Morrisseau paintings. This includes books, prints and the internet. Some are direct forgeries in that
they copied directly from the original. Some are composites of 2 or more authentic paintings.

Some of those that say that these copies are real paintings by Norval Morrisseau have said that
he regularly  copied his own paintings. To me this is ridiculous. Morrisseau was a master painter
and did not have to copy his own paintings for inspiration. I personally observed him paint hundreds
of paintings and never seen him ever copy one of his older works.

None of the authentic examples shown in this study are signed, titled or dated on the back with
black dry brush. The vast majority of the copies are signed on the back in this manner. I worked
with Morrisseau for the last twenty years of his life and received hundreds of paintings directly from
him. Not one of these paintings was signed on the back in this method. When I showed Morrisseau
2 paintings that I purchased from a Winnipeg art dealer that were signed in this way. he told me that
he did not paint them and that he did not sign them in this way.

The main resource for pictures of authentic Morrisseau works from the 1970's is "The Art Of Norval
Morrisseau" by Jack Pollock and Lister Sinclair that was published in 1979. Not one of these
questionable pieces is listed in this book but there are many that have been copied from it. This
book has been exploited by forgers more than any other resource with many of these authentic
paintings being copied several times over.

Below are side by side examples of these painting. When you study them it is not hard to see that
the copies do not have the mastery of the originals. The copies do not have the look or feeling of
the authentic ones.

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In 1966 The Musee Du Quebec hosted a Morrisseau exhibition.
A catalog was produced for this show and was used as a resource for more questionable paintings


Coghlan Art has not been immune to this situation
Here are just a few that have been taken from our web site.


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